a local Singaporean term meaning either to
talk nonsense or engage in idle banter.
-The Coxford Singlish Dictionary

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By clicking on this, you hereby certify that you are not offended by strong language, and you warrant that you understand that the purposes of this site are purely satirical and humorous, and therefore that your opinions of any persons or situations depicted in this site, whether living, real, fictional or otherwise, will not be affected in any way whatsoever. You also warrant that you understand the premises and context of the site, which are as set out below: aims to provide you with stories and features that are always tongue-in-cheek, sometimes foot-in-mouth, and most of the time, finger-in-nose.

We wish to emphasize that the following important elements:

- journalistic integrity;
- currency and reliability of information;
- serious analysis and treatment of issues;
- cutting edge design; and
- sound e-commerce strategies

are things to be found in other publications and websites.


1. WE MAKE STUFF UP. We do not engage in rumour, we indulge in humour and fiction. Do not believe or rely on what we write! If you do, you're even more cock than us!

2. WE ARE NOT A POLITICAL SITE. For all the kaypohs and muckrakers out there, we have completely no political agenda whatsoever. Our main aim is to celebrate all the nonsensical parts of Singaporean life. We make fun of people in every sector, strata and profession in a completely democratic way. (If you feel that you or people you know have not been made fun of, please let us know so that we can address the oversight.) Anyway, the good people in Parliament have already deemed us to be a non-political site. So there!

3. WE USE SOME STRONG LANGUAGE. We have employed in certain parts of this site language which might be upsetting to some and which some consider unsuitable for children. (Even though most kids would not only be manifestly familiar with the language used here, they're probably more comfortable with and adept at using the terms than you.)

4. IF YOU DON'T BELIEVE IN FREE EXPRESSION OR OPINION, GO SOMEWHERE ELSE. There are some among us who do not comprehend the value of satire or freedom of expression or even that other people are entitled to different opinions. There may even be some who do not even understand what satire is, and interpret everything at face value, and are the type given to filing or supporting defamation suits merely to avoid or quell criticism. If any of these descriptions fit you, please go and surf another site.

If you are therefore easily offended or outraged by strong language or biting, pointed and premeditated attacks on people and erstwhile values and mores, please SIAM now.

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Okay, okay, I completely accept all the above cheong hay stuff and I indemnify TalkingCock and all persons associated with it and also waive all and any claims arising from my perusal of its content.

If you disagree with the above, or do not understand any of it, please leave now. Sorry, hor.

Founded in August 2000 as a forum for friends to share jokes with each other, has since garnered millions of page views and a subscribership in the tens of thousands, been debated in Singapore's parliament (scary, sial!), featured on the BBC and NPR and in Time Magazine, Wired and The Economist, and also fired the first volley in the people's backlash against the Government's anti-Singlish stance.

In between, we've also shot 2 feature films, produced a comedy CD and published the bestselling Coxford Singlish Dictionary.

We donno how we've escaped the speech-smothering tentacles of the state, but we suspect it's got a lot to do with you Singaporeans and your tremendous (and very touching) support for us since we began.

TalkingCock is committed to preserving and advancing the authentic voice of Singaporeans and we hope to press forward with our cause for years to come.

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