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Presenting... TALKINGCOCK IN PARLIAMENT: We, the Citizens!
Posted on Sunday, August 20, 2006
Topic: Community Announcements
Community Announcements Dear Cocksters,

There's NO UPDATE this week, but that doesn't mean you'll have to go cockless! That's because we've been planning a very special ONE NIGHT ONLY event for you THIS THURSDAY (why announce so late? Surprise, mah!):

So come and support diversity, inclusiveness and non-discrimination in Singapore! Fun and free some more, what else you want? You got no excuse liao!


Its only 2 weeks to the opening of our new feature film, Singapore Dreaming.

Proceeds from our charity premiere on 30 August 2006 for example, are going towards funding the support and education programmes by AWARE, the Association of Women for Action and Research. Tickets are going VERY FAST, with only a few left, so faster book!

Plus: TEACHERS' DAY SPECIAL Ticket Giveaway!

Aiyah, since no filmmaker other than Jack Neo has ever made money, we might as well give away tickets to deserving Singaporeans!

As Teachers Day (1 Sep) is only a couple of days after our charity premiere, were giving away 100 PAIRS OF FREE TICKETS TEACHERS whore nominated by their students!

Students: click here to nominate your teacher to receive a pair of tickets to the Gala Premiere of Singapore Dreaming!

We're doing this to encourage teachers to hang in there with a very tough job. They kena tekan a lot, but that's often because they have to work under conditions that would make a commando peng san in 2 minutes! Tell your friends! If we help teachers, maybe we can help our schooling become a better experience for our students too!

Watch a clip of the critically-acclaimed movie here:

Note: the above clip could not be aired on Singapore TV because of Hokkien dialogue! Click here for more sneaks and downloads!


We received the following email on Sunday 20 August, from a Ms TAN from the Public Communications Division, Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts:

Dear Sir,

I am [Ms Tan] from the Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts. PM Lee is making his address at the annual National Day Rally on 20 August 2006 (Sunday). As part of his address, PM will be sharing some of the interesting things that Singaporeans are doing online, and your blog may be highlighted as an example of one of the many things Singaporeans are doing on the net. We may be using a screenshot of your blog.

If you have any queries, you can call me at [number].


Best regards,
[Ms Tan]

Editor's Note: We at want you to know that we never gave any permission to use any screenshot. Not that MICA actually asked for permission, nor do they actually need our permission for that matter - it's technically fair use under Copyright Law.

But we're wondering why are they using us? Is it to tekan us as an example of things sensible Singaporeans shouldn't do on the Net? Are we being used as an example of how liberal Singapore is? Scared, leh!

If it's the former - okay, maybe we're not sensible lah, but has society collapsed because we've been around? Is the PAP out of power? No, what!

And for the latter, while yes, we've made some progress, but it's very patchy, and to suggest Singapore is tolerant of free expression to any significant degree is a bit the much, especially after the Brown affair... .

So Mr. Prem Binister, thanks for thinking of us, but we sincerely hope you'll recognise that every form of comment, whether supportive, critical or silly, contributes to national dialogue and an informed electorate, which can only raise the standard of the Gahmen.

After all, as we keep being told: Every Singaporean Matters... 2001-2003. All rights reserved.
(If you're circulating this by email to your friends, please include this attribution. It's only polite, leh!)

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