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Posted on Tuesday, August 04, 2009
Topic: Dear Ah Beng
Dear Ah Beng TalkingCock is still on its hiatus – but we’re back with a special series of reports just for National Day!

How are you celebrating National Day? We’re sure that many atas types will be holding parties. But not the fried fishball and char bee hoon type like we all!

No, these flers will be sipping wine – with their little fingers sticking out some more!

Well, we the ordinary peasa… sorry, sorry, citizens of Singapore can also drink wine. But we want do it in a uniquely Singaporean way!

Firstly, when you stick your little finger out, make sure you grow your fingernail long-long. And how to talk about what we’re drinking? How to say all those cheem-cheem things?

Well, courtesy of the Coxford Singlish Dictionary, we’re proud to bring you this

Wine: Pinot Noir
Label: Joseph Drouhin Laforet, Bourgogne
From: Burgundy, France
Colour: Red
How atas people describe it: The hue has usually a brilliant ruby-garnet colour. The nose offers effusive aromas of crushed berries (raspberry, redcurrant and blackcurrant come to mind). On the palate, the wine is full of charm and very pleasant to drink : fresh and fruity berry flavours with light and elegant tannins.

How to describe it in Singlish: This one red-red colour one, smell and taste like Ribena lai dat.

Wine: Carmenère Reserva
Label: Caliterra
From: Colchagua Valley, Chile
How atas people describe it:The Carmenère Reserva is a well-balanced, elegant wine with a deep violet-red colour and a rich, round mouthfeel. The nose offers a complex range of aromas such as ripe plum, liquorice, and black and red pepper interwoven with chocolate and toasty notes.

How to describe it in Singlish:This one, hor, the colour a bit the red, a bit the purpur. Like your face after some ah beng come and hoot you lai dat.

Put inside your mouth, shiok shiok, round round, like some… ok, better not say in case my wife listening.

But the smell, hor, a bit the cheem - got plum lah, puek kak (star anise) lah, , pepper lah, even got chocolate and toast (but no kaya). A bit chapalang lah, but cannot say lai dat. Must say ‘it’s complex’. Otherwise, how people spend money?

Wine: Riesling
Label: Chateau Ste Michelle
From: Washington, USA
Colour: White
How atas people describe it: This is a dry, crisp, refreshing style of Riesling with beautiful fruit forward flavors, crisp acidity and an elegant finish. It offers brisk, Riesling character of white peach and mandarin oranges with a clean finish. An incredibly versatile wine.

How to describe it in Singlish:This one, hor, very dry, very cripsy one. Like potato chip. But drink that time, hor, a bit like oleng joo, a bit like Qoo lai dat. This one very chin chai, anywhere also can drink.

Wine: Gewürztraminer
Label: Columbia Crest Two Vines Gewürztraminer
From: Washington, USA
Colour: White
How atas people describe it: This fruit forward wine accents classic Gewürztraminer characteristics of lychee, dried apricots and hints of rose petal. Subtle spicy-sweet fruit flavors linger through a refreshing, juicy finish.

How to describe it in Singlish: This one got lychee taste, got apricot, even got a bit of bandong inside. Drinking it is like going to a hawker centre and order a mixed fruit juice lai dat. But of course more espensive, lah!

© 2001-2003. All rights reserved.
(If you're circulating this by email to your friends, please include this attribution. It's only polite, leh!)

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