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The Coxford Singlish Dictionary

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A wonderfully concise Hokkien adjective which conveys boredom, weariness, frustration and emptiness. The English equivalent would be "ennui".
1. “My job is damn sian, man.”
2. “Wah lau eh, I do A-maths, do until sian oreddy.”

SIAN JIT PUA  (Contributed by Rene Sim)
(see-en jip poo-ah)
"Sian" describes something as boring.  "Jit pua" is Hokkien for "half". Put together, and the phrase can be loosely translated as "too boring by half", meaning it is extremely boring.
"Sian jit pua, man! This disco is damn boring!" ("This disco is too boring by half.")

SIAN TAO  (Contributed by Sian Tao Ong)
Hokkien term meaning "bullshitter".
"Wah lao, let's get out of here. Sian Tao come oreddy."

SIAN TAO ONG  (Contributed by Sian Tao Ong)
Hokkien phrase meaning "King of the Bullshitters".
"He whole day talk cock - damn sian tao ong, one."
See also: Tua Pian Sian  

Hokkien for "who paged/beeped me?" To be said very loudly in public places, such as cinemas or during performances..

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