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The Coxford Singlish Dictionary

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Similarity = 80%
Malay for "smelly" or "rotten". Used to accuse someone of being a cheat or playing dirty.
"I don't friend you, you play mah-jong very busok one"
See also: Chao Kuan  Chao Kah  Mungsat  

Similarity = 100%
Malay for "like".
"I really suka that girl, can introduce or not?"

Similarity = 100%
A Hokkien term which literally translates as “mountain tortoise”. Used to describe or suggest someone as being unsophisticated and ignorant. The Singlish equivalent of a “country bumpkin” or a “hick”.
“You donno how to use a microwave oven? Why you so suah koo one?”

Similarity = 80%
Of uncertain derivation, "spiak" denotes someone who is very ostentatious and pretentious.
1. "Wah, today you wear so spiak for what? Pak tor, ah?"
2. "Wah, your sandwich got put caviar, so spiak, ah?"

Similarity = 80%
SPIAK (1)  (Contributed by Eveline How)
A local corruption of "speak".
"Eh, gar'men say Singlish not good, must learn how to spiak good English!"

Similarity = 80%
A Hokkien term which is a combination of “satisfied” and “at peace”. Sometimes repeated for effect.
1. “Wah, your estate got good food, got good view, you must be damn song, lah.”
2. “We ate the chili crabs, eat until song-song.”

Similarity = 80%
Meaning sloppy or slovenly in Singlish, it is derived from the Malay word "selekeh", meaning stain, or smudge.
"Wah lau, this sort of high-class function, how can you dress so slaykay one?"

Similarity = 80%
SKALI  (Contributed by Mark)
Adapted from the Malay word sekali, meaning "once" or "on one occasion", denoting a one time occurrence. However, in Singlish, it is commonly used convey a general cautionary sentiment with a hint of foreboding. ' Skali' loosely means any one of the following, depending on the context: "If you're not careful, you may find out that..."; "What would happen if..."; "Unexpectedly, it turns out that..."
1. "You better don't anyhow go clubbing and disturb girls. Skali she is one kind of ah lian, then you know."
2. "You everyday go to work damn late and leave so early. Skali your boss find out, how?"
3. "We early already say we want to go Zouk with them. Skali last minute they go and cancel."
4. “I was driving along this road, when skarly this idiot runs in front of me!” 
5. "You don't go and read so many porno magazines, skarly you go blind!" 

Similarity = 80%
A pithy request for someone to repeat something.
“I didn’t hear what you just said. Say again?”
See also: Repeat Again  

Similarity = 100%
Hokkien term literally meaning "three legs". Meaning sycophancy or buttering someone up, the phrase comes from a rude hand action whereby three fingers are held up to denote supporting someone's genitalia.
"If you don't sah-kah the boss, you won't get your bonus."
See also: Angkat Bola  Por  Sah-Kah Tzua  

Similarity = 80%
Malay for "damaged" or "spoilt".
"Adoi, Ramli, why you anyhow go and rabak my sister? You damn rosak, sial!"

Similarity = 80%
SCUSE  (Contributed by MC)
Short for "Excuse me". Used in place of the phrase "Get out of my way!" in a vague attempt to be polite.
See also: Eskew me  

Similarity = 80%
S.B.C.  (Contributed by Andrew Yong)
Acronym for "Simply Boh Chup".
"Wah lau! Parking lot so big, you still park until like that! Damn bloody S.B.C., sial."
See also: Boh Chup  

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