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The Coxford Singlish Dictionary

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TUA  (Contributed by Yong Kuan)
A Hokkien term which is the equivalent of the African-American term "diss". A word which describes showing or being shown a lack of respect.
1. "Eh, I waited one hour for you but you ne'er turn up! Tua me, is it?"
2. "I ne'er do anything to you, why you go and tua me like that?" 

TUA KANG  (Contributed by Minglun)
Hokkien phrase literally meaning "big hole". Used to describe someone telling an exaggerated story, usually involving the teller doing something extraordinary.

Hokkien for "big shot". Literally, "big stick".
"You lan copler only, what! Why you act so tua kee?" (You're only a lance corporal. How dare you act like such a big shot?"

TUA KEE (2)  (Contributed by Jonathan Ng)
Hokkien phrase meaning "to wind up in deep trouble".
"Seow liao, my new boss is that bastard occifer from my BMT company! Like that I tua kee oreddy, lah!"

Hokkien for "big round ones", and can be used to describe breasts, testicles, eyes, or, generally, anything that is of a certain size.
See also: TUA KEE (1)  

TUA PIAN SIAN  (Contributed by Sian Tao Ong)
Hokkien phrase literally meaning "Big Bluff God". Describes someone who's extremely proficient in bullshitting or conning people.
1. "Tua Pian Sian come oreddy, be careful your money"
2. "Here comes the Tua Pian Sian. Let's hear what cock he wants to talk today."

See also: Sian Tao Ong  

(twah tau)
Literally, Hokkien for "big head". A term for a gang leader. Is also the local name for the pacific green-lipped mussel.
"Eh, just now at the hawker centre, hor, I saw the Tua Tao eating tua tao."

TUA TEOW  (Contributed by Crow)
To encounter great trouble.
"Wah lao, Ah Beng just knock somebody down with his motor bike! Damn tua teow, man..."

To skive.
"I'm supposed to be in class, but I've decided to tuang."
See also: Chiak Tsua  Keng  Pontang  Siam  Tsao  

An accomplished skiver.
"When it comes to work, he always disappears. Super tuang king, that one."
See also: Tuang  

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