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The Coxford Singlish Dictionary

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Arrogant and haughty. Basically the same as “Ya Ya”.
“After he got the scholarship, he became super dao.”
See also: Ya Ya  Sombong  

DIE COCK STAND  (Contributed by K. Ang)
Describes one’s reaction to an event of immense pleasure. Nearest English approximation: ‘orgasmic’. One grade higher than ‘steam’. The male equivalent of 'orgas'.
“Hwah, I yesterday went to Geylang to eat the beef hor fun there. Die cock stand, man.”
See also: Orgas  Steam  

DIE DIE  (Contributed by Minglun)
To go all out, with no possibility of non-compliance. The Singlish equivalent of "die trying".
"I promise die die will pay you back tomorrow."

Singlish contraction of "do not want".
"I told you I do'wan to do it, you still ask me to do it. Do'wan means do'wan, you understand or not?"

The Singlish contraction of "Don't Mention It".
Beng: "Eh, thanks for treating me to lunch."
Seng: "Aiyah, don' mention."

The correct Singlish pronunciation of "Don't"
"I don'ch know how to do this sum."

From the Hokkien phrase, "mai sng-sng". A warning against hubris: do not fool with things beyond your ability. Often deliberately mispronounced "don't pray-pray".
"Ah Beng has a really bad temper. Better don'ch play-play with him."
See also: Mai Siao Siao  Mai Sng Sng  

"Don't be shy." For emphasis, say "Don'ch shy-shy." In Hokkien: "meng hak hee".
"Take some more, meng hak hee, don'ch shy-shy."

Singlish way of saying "Don't Want". More sloppy, easier to say and hence preferable to "Don'ch Wan"

Expression of irritation or annoyance when someone turns down your offer.
Ah Seng: "I got ticket for the concert, you want or not?"
Ah Beng (in a bored tone): "Ai yah, too leceh man."
Ah Seng (disgusted): "OK lah, dowan done!"

To act in a melodramatic fashion. Used as an adjective, not a noun.
"It's only a small matter. No need to be so drama."

A camp or flashily effeminate personality.
"These theatre types are all drama mamas."

The proper way to pronounce "W".
1. "Eh, Ah Beng bought a new bee-em-dubdew."
2. "The new president of America is George Dubdew Bush."

A local variant of ‘Don’t’ (much like ‘don’ch’), which has become especially popular in the wake of text messaging on cellphones.
“Dun lai dat, lah!” (Please don’t be like that.)
See also: Don'ch  

DUNGU  (Contributed by SinnerLee)
Malay for stupid or feeble-minded. Could be the source for the popular Singlish word "goondu", meaning a stupid person.
"Aiyah, don't ask him to help, lah. He damn dungu one."
See also: Goondu  

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