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The Coxford Singlish Dictionary

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EARLY EARLY DON' SAY  (Contributed by edaniel)
Singlish for "Why didn't you say so earlier?"
Ah Beng: "Eh, tomorrow I got reservist so cannot go see show wif you."
Ah Seng: "Aiyah, why you early early don' say. I bought the ticket oreddy."

(sometimes pronounced "oi sai/oi sai bo")
Hokkien phrase meaning, "Is it possible?", or as it's locally anglicized, "Can or not?"
Beng: "Eh, lend me your car, eh sai bo?"
Seng: "Eh saaaaaiiii!" (Of couuuuurse!)

See also: Can or Not?  Mana Eh Sai  How Can?  

To be arrogant. Of Malay origin. 'Eksi borak' is an arrogant person.
1. "Just because you pass your 'N' Level, no need to be so eksi, okay?"
2. "Just because he got into NUS law fac, he suddenly became this eksi borak."

ENGLAND/ENGRAND  (Contributed by Samuel Tan)
Deliberate mispronunciation of "English".
"Wah, your Engrand so powderful, I don'ch know what you mean."

The correct pronunciation of "Excuse me"

The correct pronunciation for "exciting".
"Piang eh, that tiger show was too essciting for me oreddy."

The correct pronunciation for "exploded".
"Ah Beng kena concuss when the nenek (grenade) essploded too close to him."

Although sometimes used to describe one's former girl-friend/boyfriend/whatever, in current Singlish, 'ex' is more often a short form of 'expensive', and used to express incredulity, or in some cases, envy.
1. Wah lau, original DVDs a bit the ex one, man, better go JB and buy.
2. Julie very high-class one you don't know meh? She always dress very ex.

EXTRA  (Contributed by Brandon Seah)
An adjective usually applied to people who do things which are unnecessary or pointless.
1. " Eh, Johnny! Recess already you still want  to do homework! You si peh extra, you know!"
2. "This sort of simple thing don't make until so complicated, can or not? Why you so extra one?"

See also: Loh soh  

EYE POWER  (Contributed by K. Ang)
To describe someone standing by, looking on without helping out with a manual task.
“Eh, come and help us move this furniture, leh! You stand there using eye power, ah?”

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