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The Coxford Singlish Dictionary

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Used to describe a fat person, equivalent to the English "fatso".
See also: Ah Pooi  

FETCH  (Contributed by Daniel Hong)
To drive someone somewhere.
1. "You wan' me to fetch you to the MRT station?"
2. "Eh, is someone fetching you home?"

FIAK  (Contributed by Rolland)
A more polite local way to say "fuck".
1. "Aiyah, this type of small-small thing... fiak it, lah!"
2.  "You go and cucuk him for fiak?" ("Why on earth did you go and provoke him?")

See also: Fish  For Fuck  

Singlish adjective describing something as "daring" or "strong".
"Did you read that book by that opposition bugger? Damn fierce, boss."
See also: Heong  Powderful  Terror  

Popular euphemism for "fuck".
"What the fish, man!"

FLIM  (Contributed by Bernard Loo)
The correct pronunciation of "film". Used for both movies and photographic film.
"Eh, I heard Ah Kong went to see an R(A) flim yesterday."

FLY AEROPLANE  (Contributed by Rene Sim)
A Singlish phrase of unknown derivation, describing being stood up.
"Eh, tonight's function is damn important, okay? Don't fly aeroplane or I make sure you die!"
See also: Pang Puay Kee  

FOR FUCK  (Contributed by AA)
More vulgar version of "for what?"
"You go all the way there to buy newspaper for fuck?"

FORAZUMPER  (Contributed by Edwin)
The local pronunciation of "for example".
"You see this software can do many things, forazumper, you can calculate your overheads by clicking this icon..."

To befriend someone. Used as a verb. Sometimes repeated for emphasis.
1. "You always disturb me. I don'ch friend you orreddy."
2. "Why cannot hold her hand? Friend-friend only, mah."

The Singlish abbreviation of "frustrated".
"I study so hard also kena F9. Damn frus, man!"

Of uncertain origin, this term often connotes extreme frustration. The general consensus is that it originates from the Army (the source of many creative Singlishphrases), where a "spider" was dirt in the barrel of one's rifle. If during inspection, you found a "spider" in your rifle, you'd have to strip it and clean it all over again. Hence, "fuck spider" would either be a common expletive amongst recruits, or an exhortation by an annoyed inspecting officer/NCO. Some, however, believe itdates back to an old practice amongst boys to catch spiders in the undergrowth, house them in small boxes and make them fight.

FUGLY  (Contributed by Bernard Goh)
Abbreviation of "fucking ugly", used when "extremely ugly" cannot do justice.
"She think she damn pretty, but acherly, she damn fugly."

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