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The Coxford Singlish Dictionary

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I (LOCATION) OREDDY  (Contributed by Edwin)
An abbreviated form of saying "I am already at ( Location)". This has come into existence so as to take advantage of the free 20 seconds of incoming calls on your handphone. So if you're at Bishan and someone calls you on your handphone and asks your location:
"Where you now?"
"I Bishan oreddy"

IF COCK CAN TALK, CHEE BYE CAN KAH PAGER  (Contributed by revolushun)
An especially rude retort used against someone who just exclaimed "Talk cock, lah!"

The proper pronunciation of "immediately".
When I heard that the lottery went up to $5 million, I immeely go and buy."

INNARDS  (Contributed by Kok-Tong Khoo)
Common contraction/mispronunciation of "in other words".

IRON RINGS  (Contributed by Justin Lee)
The proper pronunciation of "onion rings".
Ah Beng: "So what side dishes do you want with your chicken chop?"
Ah Seng: " I wan' fry, salad and iron rings."

A phrase that's tagged on to virtually any question. It is also used on its own to express skepticism.
1. "You got mail, is it?" (You've received mail, have you?")
2. Beng: "I got accepted into Harvard."
Seng: "Is it?"

A rather picturesque description of a restive person, i.e. someone who does something disruptive out of boredom.
Ah Beng: "Why you go and potong jalan Ah Teck's girlfriend?"
Ah Seng: "Aiyah, just itchy backside, lor."

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