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The Coxford Singlish Dictionary

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O.C.B.C.  (Contributed by Char Kuey Teow)
Acronym standing for "Overseas Chinese, Bukan Chinah", i.e. a Chinese person who is not sufficiently Chinese.
"All those bananas at the Cricket Club, ah, all OCBC one."
See also: Chiak Kantang  Keng Chio Kia  

To be embarrassingly out of fashion.
"Check out his bell-bottoms! Super obiang, man!"
See also: Orbit  

OCCIFER  (Contributed by AA)
Deliberate mispronunciation by Hokkien Pengs of "Officer".
"Sir, not say I say what ah, but you cho occifer damn tua kee meh?" (Sir, pardon my impudence, but what's the big deal about being an officer?)

OFF (1)
A term normally used during national service to denote "time-off". An "off" is a sanctioned release from duties, given on an ad-hoc basis, as opposed to "leave", which is a statutory entitlement.
1. Beng: "Eh, where are you going?"
Seng: "I got one off today."
2. "I'm not on leave. I'm on off."

OFF (2)
Economical verb meaning to turn or shut something off.
"Please off the light."
See also: On  

Day off.
"Today is my off day."

The correct pronunciation of "orange juice".

ON (1)
Economical verb meaning to turn something on.
"Please on the light."
See also: Off  

ON (2)
Shares the same meaning and is used in the same way as "On the Ball" and "Siao On", and is probably a contraction of either.
See also: On the Ball  Siao On  

ON (3)
An enthusiastic assent to participate in an agreeable activity.
"Play football tomorrow? On, man!"

Someone who's on top of things or is very hardworking and detail oriented. Perhaps excessively so.
"Johnny never leaves the office until 9. He's damn on the ball, man."

Yet another Singlish tag, similar in use to "lah", but which almost always follow a word which is some sort of attribute. This probably stems from words such as "de" in Mandarin and "eh" in Hokkien.
1. "Why you so stupid one?"
2. "Aiyah, he's like that one, lah."

ONE KIND  (Contributed by Terry How)
Contraction of the phrase "one of a kind" - usually used pejoratively.
"Ah Seng this kind of friend, damn one kind one! Everytime go out he say no money, ask me pay first!"

OOH SAY  (Contributed by AA)
The opposite of "Boh Say".

OOH YIAH BOH?  (Contributed by Benny)
Hokkien phrase meaning, "is it for real?" or "Are you sure?"
Ah Lian: "Eh, I heard Ah Seng pass his 'O' lebber..."
Ah Beng: "Ooh yia boh?"

See also: Yau mo gau chor?  

The Hokkien term for "brothel", it literally means "black turtle house".

OR KWEE TAU  (Contributed by K. Ang)
Hokkien for pimp, it literally means ‘the turtle’s head’.
See also: Or Kwee Keng  

OR-BI-GOOD  (Contributed by Roger Ng)
Not the name of a Singaporean Jedi Knight, this is a Singlish term which is used to to express that someone deserves his current predicament. Often said while making an action like a chicken flapping its wing, with arm curled, and the elbow hitting one's side. Of unknown derivation.
"Ah Seng is such a ya-ya papaya. Now he fail his 'N' Level, or-bi-good!"

(oh-rahng poo-tay)
Malay term literally meaning, "white people". Describes Caucasians.
See also: Ang Mor  Mat Salleh  

A term of uncertain provenance, meaning "extremely obiang". Possibly a deliberate mispronunciation of "off-beat". May also connote being "out of this world".
"Are those spandex tights he's wearing? Orbit or what?"
See also: Obiang  

The proper pronunciation of "already".

The local abbreviation for ‘to have an orgasm’. Describes experiencing intense pleasure. Can be both verb and adjective.
1. “Everytime I hear her sing, I immeelly orgas, man.”
2. "Her laksa is damn orgas, man."

See also: die cock stand  steam  

ORH  (Contributed by AA)
Popular singlish contraction for "Oh, I see."
"Orh.... so it's behind your house, issit?"
See also: Han Tse  

ORH PEE SAI  (Contributed by Chen Zhiwei)
Hokkien for "picking one's nose".
"Ah Wai always got nothing better to do than to Orh Pee Sai."

OSO CAN  (Contributed by Mark)
A crude pronunciation of the words "also can," and is usually found at the end of sentences. Means "this is okay with me," or "this can also be done." The norm is to stretch out the vowels according to how accommodating the speaker is willing to be.
1. "This one you want to pay by installment, oso can."
2. "You only owe me $5. But if you want to give me $10 oooooso caaaan."

Literally, Hokkien for "to talk behind", an exhortation to resolve a dispute, invariably with violence. The local equivalent of "let's finish this outside!"
"See what? You not satisfied, is it? Okay! Ow bway kong!"
See also: Settle  

Hokkien phrase meaning, "There's a ghost behind you." Often shouted when playing football or hantam bola, to warn someone that an opposing team member is behind them.

OWN TIME OWN TARGET/O.T.O.T.  (Contributed by Sliide)
Another Army-inherited term, meaning to perform a task at one's leisure, or using one's discretion.
1. Private: "Eh, Sergeant! Give how long to sio?" (Sergeant, how long is our cigarette break?"
    Sergeant: "O.T.O.T."
2. "This assignment is not very urgent. You own time own target can oreddy."

OWNSELF  (Contributed by Kwaychee)
A word which denotes that a task has been performed through one's effort alone.
1. This painting you ownself do, ah?
2. Can you ownself buy the drinks? My hands already full, lah.
3. Eh! Can you ownself do your homework instead of copying from others?

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