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The Coxford Singlish Dictionary

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Malay for "petting" or "making out". In Singlish, the continuous tense is "Rabaking".
1. "Alamak, such an ugly girl also can rabak rabak! You gila or what?"
2. "Eh, check out behind the bushes, lah. Yusop and Yati are rabaking there."

READY ALREADY  (Contributed by Stephen Tan)
((reddy orreddy) )
A commonly-used redundancy to indicate a state of readiness. 
"Can we go now? I'm ready already."

A Mat-ism, exhorting one to relax. ÔRelac' is ostensibly even more laid back than Ôrelax', as it is in the singular.
"Eh, Joe! Exam so far away. Relac one corner, lah."
See also: Jangan Tension  Maintain Balan  

A commonly-used redundancy.
"I can't hear you. Can you repeat again?"
See also: Say Again  

ROJAK  (Contributed by Minglun)
A salad of mixed vegetables taken with sauce. Of Malay origin, it has been adapted by all races. In Singlish, it is used as an adjective, to describe something as being either eclectic, or just plain messy.
"This sort of multi-cultural event, ah, don't plan properly will come out all rojak."

Malay for "damaged" or "spoilt".
"Adoi, Ramli, why you anyhow go and rabak my sister? You damn rosak, sial!"

Malay for "cane". It has two meanings in Singlish. The first is to receive a caning. It can also be used to describe a young girl as a "lolita" or "jailbait", as caning is often the sentence for engaging in or soliciting underage sex.
1. "I told Ah Seng not to employ that illegal Bangla. Wait he kena rotan, then he tzai see!
2. "These convent girls, ah, all damn rotan one."

A term of Malay origin, it means "to lose out on an opportunity" or "to be disadvantaged". Hardcore Bengs pronounce it "loogi"
"I didn't apply for the scholarship in time. Damn rugi big time, man."

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