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How Should the Water Talks Be Settled

Patient diplomacy1 % 1.96 % (126)
International litigation/arbitration3 % 3.55 % (228)
Smackdown Wrestling Match17 % 17.85 % (1145)
Chee-Ku-Pak39 % 39.16 % (2512)
Drinking competition30 % 30.42 % (1951)
Comparing size of each others' Newater spouts 7 % 7.05 % (452)

Total Votes: 6414
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"How Should the Water Talks Be Settled" | Login/Create Account | 28 comments
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The war (Score: 1)
by Oswald1973 on Sunday, March 23, 2003
(User Info)

Oi, now, after Mahatir, still got few more talkcock kings!

One Bush, he damn talk cock, say Iraq got nuclear and chemical weapons, even Weapon inspectors keep saying cannot find yet, how come he knows?

Then, Saddam, he also talk cock, say can win US, sure win one! Wah lau, he damn stupid, no weapon, how to win?

The funniest thing, Bush talk cock and Tony Blair ganna bluff and go into the cock war with him! Hahahahahhaha

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Re: How Should the Water Talks Be Settled (Score: 1)
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Re: How Should the Water Talks Be Settled (Score: 0)
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Re: How Should the Water Talks Be Settled (Score: 1)
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Castaneda (Score: 0)
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Re: How Should the Water Talks Be Settled (Score: 1)
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Re: How Should the Water Talks Be Settled (Score: 1)
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