We Have Sold Out!
Dear readers,

As you all know, we have been operating this site for over a year, and we have not made a single cent off any of you apart from donations and sales of merchandise. To tell the truth, the amount we make off that is not that much (believe us!) and is not a regular source of income (trust us!).

Much as we like to write all this stuff for the love of it, we need to eat every now and then. Not only that, since our merger, we have been hosted by our partner, Lumpar Holdings, in an expensive high-tech data centre entirely at their expense. Their dirty bastards lawyers have now threatened informed us that they will cut off our balls support if we fail to raise any additional revenues from this web-site.

On top of that, we are also trying to raise money to make our movie, so our balls resources are being squeezed at both ends. The risks of making a movie are enormous, and there is no guarantee we will make any money off that.

So we have bowed to the inevitable and we have now introduced online ads on this web-site. Some of you may have seen our house ad banners. Well, they are now displayed along with other ads. You may think online ads are obnoxious and irritating. So do we, some of the time, especially those pop-ups. Except for the porno ads.

But like it or not, online ads are what's left to keep content websites alive, and even this business model is being eroded over time, as ad sales and click rates decline. The tragic fate may be that one day online ads may not even be enough to fund any web-site at all. This is a terrible thing to happen, because all the original, non-mainstream and alternate stuff (like our material!) that the Internet makes possible will disappear. Soon all that will be left are boring monolithic monopolistic Old Economy media giants who want your eyeballs, your money and your souls. And all because you bastards loyal readers do not want to read or bother to click on these ads.

So we ask you all to keep surfing the Net. Keep on reading web-pages. Look at online ads as a necessary evil. Some of them may even be useful and informative. Like the porno ones. Reload them if your bandwidth is good enough. Click on ads every so often. Buy something from them every now and then, even if it's a remote-control web-cam (hey, we all need one of those!).

Yes, we are paid by click-throughs and by page views. The amount we make is pathetic. You can check the existing rates. Here's a link to our advertising media company, Burstmedia. Every time you click on an online ad, we get paid a few cents. Every time you view an ad, we get paid a few tenths of a cent. You don't have to be a genius to calculate how much we will make off online ads a month -- just enough to pay for our web hosting expenses ($50/month) and a small stipend to keep our editorial and technical staff fed with one packet of chicken rice a day, and a little pocket money to watch one movie a month. Not a lot to ask for is it?

So again we urge you to keep reading our articles. Recommend us to your friends. Explore our site. Click on our ads every now and then, even if it's just for fun. It's either that or do you want us to send Ah Beng and his friends to 'visit' you?

It won't cost you much, but you'll help us keep this site alive and allow us to continue providing all the cock stuff you've been enjoying. In fact, you can start helping us by taking this survey.

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