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Welcome to the
Tampenis Book of Singaporean Records
A compilation of uniquely Singaporean achievements! If you know anyone who might qualify for a Tampenis Singaporean Record,
alert us at:

Displaying records 1 to 3 of 20

Mr Guey Bo Liao, 27 years old, dialled emergency numbers for an impressive total of 6,317,385 for 24 years. He dialled the number almost every minute and he seemed proud that he dared to do that. Mdm Boh Eng, his mother, a widow, told us that her boy picked up the habit when she was three while she was busy working.

"When I was young, my friend say press 995 and 999 got funny tones, so I try, lor, den hor, very funny leh, they ask me who I am, where I am living, like that lor," Mr Guey informed our reporters.

"The telephone operators now all know my name sia. So I called them almost every minute, lor. They quite friendly, always ask my name, where I am," Mr Guey Bo Liao told us.

MSG Thia Dian Wei, a telephone operator supervisor for Civil Defence told us that he had been receiving unneccessary calls made by Mr Guey Bo Liao since 1994.

"I was a corporal back then when Mr Guey called. I can still remember our conversation. He said he was bored so he call us lor. At that time, I was pissed with him, but now after so many years, I'm kind of numb to his prank calls. In fact, we had a system installed to
redirect him to our voice message machine. So he thinks it's quite amusing that it's always the same operator saying the same things," said MSG Thia Dian Wei.

Although the police had confirmed with us that Mr Guey Bo Liao had called and also given us the statistics, they told us that they will not make any comments and will give us a report on the incident.

On second place for the most number of emergency calls was made by Mr Jin Kia See who made a total of 4,609,218 emergency calls to Hospitals, 995, Civil Defence, Fire Stations, Police Stations, 999, SAF.

- Submitted by Not4Rent
Mrs Tan Gu Gu, a local shopper in Hong Kan GRC has emerged the winner for waiting for the longest time for an SBS bus at a local bus-stop. She had waited for 8 hours, 43 minutes and 37 seconds before she got onto her bus.

Here is an account from her on that day, 22nd September 2003:

"Aiyoh, SBS bus always like that one leh, no come ah, all no come! One come, three, four come leh. Der weather hot mah, so I sit under shelter at the bus-stop lor. The stupid bus hor, all air-con pecah one. Becos I tak boleh tahan the heat, so I don't wan’ to take the first bus lor. Den I wait and wait hor, the aircon bus never come leh. But den hor, got like 2 non-aircon bus pass by mah, den I very angry lor, so I call SBS complain lah. Eventually when the aircon bus got come lor, but three of them together come. SBS
service lagi lousy, pay so much busfare but still got so many non-aircon feeder bus one."

Mrs Tan Gu Gu is also the proud achiever and record holder of waiting for the longest time to get a Hello Kitty from the local MacDonald's.

- Submitted by Not4Rent
Taxi driver Ng Chai See, SH 5354, holds the Singaporean record for the shortest time elapsed between traffic lights turning green and honking the car in front. In a demonstration ratified by experts from the PSB (formerly SISIR), his initial honk was timed at an incredible 0.03 seconds after the lights turned green. To achieve such results requires tremendous skill, anticipation and reflexes.

Mr. Ng practices and hones his talents in his hometown Hougang where he has memorised the times between traffic light changes to the fraction of a second.

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